new xbox scorpio

Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpi-OH NO!

Microsoft has officially confirmed their new Xbox Scorpio model – basically it’s a pimped up Xbox One with more processing power, 4K output, a bigger price tag, blah blah blah.

20th to 26th February 2017 Releases

Seven days to prepare for the release of the Switch then some AAA heavy hitters over the next few weeks. In the mean time there are plenty of fun indies and particularly the Tuesday release Night in the Woods.
nioh releases

6th to 12th February 2017 Releases

Samurai meet Dark Souls as the much hyped Nioh release date is now upon us. Other stuff including John Wick Chronicles and the riveting sounding Brick Race is coming out too.

23th to 29th January 2017 Releases

A big week with some high profile releases. Yeah we have the latest entry in the famously creepy Resident Evil series coming but you want a real scary game…The Sims 4: Vampires. Yakuza goes back to the 80s in 0.