Half Life 2 VR

Clever boys are porting Half Life 2 to VR

Half Life 2 is up there with the greatest games of all time. Critics might say “yes it was groundbreaking when it came out but not so much anymore,” don’t listen to them. They are wrong.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits 2 Million players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the tense Battle Royale-esqe third person survival/shooter game, was introduced to Steam as an early access title on March 23rd. Merely 18 days later it was announced that it’d had 1 million downloads… Now, not even a month on, it’s come to light that 2 million people have picked up what is promising to be the next big thing.
EGX Rezzed
brawlout steam release

Brawlout Steam release: Developer Interview

With yesterday being the Brawlout Steam release, we caught up with Bogdan from Angry Mob Games at EGX Rezzed to find out more about this new fighter. Visually, Brawlout appears very similar to Super Smash Bros. How does your game differ? It does look like Smash, but if you play it you will see differences […]

A Good Bundle offers up 151 games for $22

If your Steam library is looking a bit lack then why not give it a steroid injection worth of indie games. A Good Bundle offers up 151 games including classics like Gone Home, The Novelist, and Proteus for a low $22 (£17).