Platinum Games is potentially teasing Bayonetta 3, and I want to touch it.

The Podcast tells you everything you need to know about LLC attitudes towards Bayonetta. She is our Marmite: Gary and I love her, she makes Oliver want to rip is eyes out. But, Oliver’s opinions aside, I am practically vibrating with excitement at the prospect that another installment may be coming to the franchise.
Shenmue HD Remaster

Rumoured Shenmue HD Remaster makes sense

Shenmue 3 (or III if you’re a dick) has been pushed back to 2018 to the surprise of nobody. A Shenmue HD Remaster might be able to give you your temporary sailors fix until then though.
Jet Set Radio Future Xbox 360

Play in 2017: Jet Set Radio Future (2002)

I’ve written a few of these articles, but to get me in to the swing of things I thought I’d start with something easy. Something people probably already know about but never played.
world of illusion starring mickey mouse and donald duck

Happy 24th Birthday World Of Illusion

In the early ‘90s, Sega developed a number of games for their consoles starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The most fondly remembered (and critically lauded) was Castle Of Illusion. However its Mega Drive sequel, the oft-overlooked World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, originally released in December 1992, turns 24 years old this […]