Yooka-Laylee Review: C’mere Chameleon

Yooka-Laylee  is now old news, it’s at least two weeks old and that means that the time for talking about it has passed. Yet, here I am talking about it. A lot of critics have lowered the score due to it feeling too 90’s… I’m not sure that is a fair criticism, so here I […]
NieR Automata PC review

NieR: Automata (PC) Review

There are few games out there that manage to tie together the smallest of details throughout a thirty-hour story in a way that leaves the player with a grand sense of conclusion, yet at the same time leaves them desiring so much more from the world they have become so ingrained in.
Banned Footage Vol. 2 review

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 Review

The second set of DLC is out now (it actually came out yesterday) and after a very strong offering from the first pack, players were excited to see what Capcom could bring to the table this time around. Read on to find out in our Spoiler Safe Banned Footage Vol. 2 review.
Cash me outside games

Cash Me Outside Games: the iOS plague

Ninety-five percent of my aimless internet wandering is viewing memes and chuckling to myself “I get that reference”. The remaining five percent is when I terrify myself with a popular saying that I don’t understand and causes me to have a deep existential crisis. “Cash Me Outside” is an example of this.
Long Journey iOS

Long Journey : the Sainsburys meal deal of gaming

Long Journey is the minimalist story of life told through visual metaphor by a boat travelling from left to right across the screen. But is this a speed-boat across crystal clear Tunisian water? Or an iceberg, dead ahead, bound to plummet our ships to the icy depths?
Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil 7 Review – Spooktacular.

Critics and players are saying this title is a return to form for the series. Find out what it is like to creep around spooky mansions in 2017 in our Resident Evil 7 review. Buckle up, son!
Steep: A Review

Steep Review: A full combo meter or bailing on a big trick?

Ubisoft has brought something new to the table with Steep. Never before have we had a purely online, open-world, skiing/snowboarding game. One that allows you to experience the social aspects of the world of extreme outdoors sports and being better than you could ever hope to be in real life.   But is Steep the lift up this […]