tiny trax

What’s up with the new Tiny Trax trailer?

A game trailer is meant to sell you the game. Make you want it.  Make you yearn for it. Sadly the new trailer for Tiny Trax doesn’t do this. It’s leave you questioning whether you accidentally hit the skip button.
psvr game

PSVR: Future of gaming or just a fad?

Earlier this month, Sony announced that the PS4 sold 6.2 million units over the 2016 Christmas period, but curiously there was no mention of how the much-hyped PSVR fared. So three months on from the headset’s release, is it the future of gaming or an expensive fad?

Are we about to see another hype meltdown?

If you thought the last instance of the community losing it’s shit was going to be No Man’s Sky, think again. I believe we are about to witness this all over again with Playstation VR.