What your Mother didn’t warn you about: Games coming in 2017

In our PSX/TGA soundbite this week we took a look at some upcoming games and the “best” games (in various made up fields) of this year. But behind all the razzle dazzle of the likes of Mass Effect and The Last of Us Part II there’s still a bunch of games coming in 2017 that haven’t had a whole load […]

Skyrim Vs. Skyrim Special Edition

We are deep in the era of remastered games, and one thing’s for certain, no one has enough time and money to play them all. So, should Skyrim Special Edition make the Christmas list?

Yo, bro. Girls game too.

Girl Gamers are often considered some kind of sexy myth… In real-life most of them are the filthy casual kind who occasionally boot up their pink 3DS and play Animal Crossing, right? They’re not the ones blowing your brains out in the latest COD. What I’m trying to say is that serious gaming? That’s for […]