PS+ Membership Prices Soar, presumably so do cancellations

Our own boi, Gary, sent me a link to this NeoGAF thread on the PS+ membership price spike Sony has announced for it’s online service. Sure enough, I checked my inbox and waiting for me was the dreaded email detailing the exponential price-hike for PS+Membership. 
E3 News

E3 News Index: Updated Daily

It is E3 week, on going right now. The most packed time of the year for news, reveals and revelations. You can find all our E3 coverage linked in one place, this post right here.

Overwatch tease even more hero news in blog post.

Yesterday we let you know that Blizzard was planning on releasing a new hero soon and it likely wasn’t the highly anticipated Doomfist. Since this the crafty guys on the Overwatch team have dropped an interesting blog post… Enter potential new Overwatch hero: Efi Oladele.