Hidden Folks : A game with different strokes

You know when you lose your keys and you spend half hour trying to find them? And then you find them in the most logical place that makes you judge your own sanity for a few moments? Well Hidden Folks is basically a game build around that sensation.
My Horse Prince Review

My Horse Prince: A review for iOS/Android

My Horse Prince sees a young girl leave her past-romantic disasters in the city and head out to the opportunistic country side. Hoping to find love she instead finds a horse with a human face. But something isn’t quite right here.

MilkMaid of the Milky Way : Full Fat Review

MilkMaid of the Milky Way is a new mobile point-and-click adventure game from MachineBoy. But is this a blended milkshake treat or a pint of milk that’s been out in the sun for too long?

Super Mario Run Review: Another stumbling block for Nintendo

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first fully-fledged smartphone game was released earlier this week and inevitably topped the App Store chart. But is this finally a victory lap for Nintendo after a difficult few years? Whether you think Super Mario Run is a good game or not depends entirely on being able to adjust your expectations […]

Super Slam Review

Pogs are back in the form of an iOS and Android game called Super Slam. Developers Playlab have taken the reigns on the 90s fad game and given it the modern gaming spin. But is this a slammer of a game or a… well… pile of milkcaps.