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Last Life Club’s 2018 predictions

As we dust off the mince pie crumbs and get back to work, it’s time to take stock of exactly where 2017 left us. We had the release of (possibly) the best game ever, the release of the most powerful console ever and the release of Chun Li‘s worst facelift ever.

PS+ Membership Prices Soar, presumably so do cancellations

Our own boi, Gary, sent me a link to this NeoGAF thread on the PS+ membership price spike Sony has announced for it’s online service. Sure enough, I checked my inbox and waiting for me was the dreaded email detailing the exponential price-hike for PS+Membership. 
new xbox scorpio

Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpi-OH NO!

Microsoft has officially confirmed their new Xbox Scorpio model – basically it’s a pimped up Xbox One with more processing power, 4K output, a bigger price tag, blah blah blah.