80 days pc review

80 Days – PC Version Review

On the surface, 80 Days doesn’t look all that interesting – screenshots and videos I’d seen beforehand made the focus of the game confusing and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into – but after spending roughly an hour with it, I’m in love. 80 Days puts you in the unique position […]
E3 News

The Last Night shown in stunning trailer

The Last Night went up against triple-A titles in Microsoft’s E3 presentation this week. It not only managed to hold it’s own, but it managed to blow most other titles out of the water.
Empty Indie game

Empty: Finally a game that matches how I feel

Empty is a new indie game where the player must de-clutter a room by altering the camera’s perspective. If you hate when your belongings randomly disappear just because you were looking at it funny, then maybe you shouldn’t read on.