Live Action Little Mermaid trailer revealed….sort of

In the last few years Disney have been spinning out live-action versions of their classics more reliably than a Deliveroo driver on crack. But what happens when they don’t own the rights to one of their classic fairy-tales? Well you get three The Little Mermaid films at once of course!
world of illusion starring mickey mouse and donald duck

Happy 24th Birthday World Of Illusion

In the early ‘90s, Sega developed a number of games for their consoles starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The most fondly remembered (and critically lauded) was Castle Of Illusion. However its Mega Drive sequel, the oft-overlooked World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, originally released in December 1992, turns 24 years old this […]

How long left do you have to play Disney Infinity?

Earlier this year Disney announced they would be pulling out of the toys-to-life genre and discontinuing their Disney Infinity range of toys and games. Recently they announced further deadlines and dates of when players can expect the servers to be closed off.