PS+ Membership Prices Soar, presumably so do cancellations

Our own boi, Gary, sent me a link to this NeoGAF thread on the PS+ membership price spike Sony has announced for it’s online service. Sure enough, I checked my inbox and waiting for me was the dreaded email detailing the exponential price-hike for PS+Membership. 

Destiny 2: Coming this year

Details have finally come to light and it looks like Destiny 2 is coming this year. It sounds promising… But Destiny always did. 
Destiny: the dawning impressions

Destiny: The Dawning impressions

I have as much of a love–hate relationship with Destiny as the next guy… Yesterday the guys over at Bungie dropped a bit of free DLC for Warcraft in Space. We enter this latest era as Destiny: The Dawning. 

Yo, bro. Girls game too.

Girl Gamers are often considered some kind of sexy myth… In real-life most of them are the filthy casual kind who occasionally boot up their pink 3DS and play Animal Crossing, right? They’re not the ones blowing your brains out in the latest COD. What I’m trying to say is that serious gaming? That’s for […]