Capcom Asset Recycle

Top 5 Capcom Asset Recycles

Asset recycling is not a Capcom specific thing, neither is it a new thing. It is basically where a game developer gets a lot of mileage out of their assets. Things like character models, environments, animations and music. See which ones I personally “enjoy” in our Top 5 Capcom Asset Recycles.
Banned Footage Vol. 2 review

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 Review

The second set of DLC is out now (it actually came out yesterday) and after a very strong offering from the first pack, players were excited to see what Capcom could bring to the table this time around. Read on to find out in our Spoiler Safe Banned Footage Vol. 2 review.
Resident Evil 7 DLC

Resident Evil 7 DLC Pack Volume One details

Capcom have been very tight lipped about the Resident Evil 7 DLC with only a few short descriptions and one screenshot/promo art per item. We actually know what it is all about, read on if you dare. (Also spoilers for DLC obviously)