Doom on the Switch will be dismembered

When we get our hands on DOOM on the Switch later this year (yes, you did read that right) the game will be split, with physical copies only containing the single player experience and a separate downloadable patch containing the multiplayer.
Prey for the Gods

Bethesda Swings Dick in Lopsided Contest

An indie team of three creating the game Prey for the Gods have been forced to change their name after trademark law frat boy Bethesda/ZeniMax started swinging their dick around.

Skyrim Vs. Skyrim Special Edition

We are deep in the era of remastered games, and one thing’s for certain, no one has enough time and money to play them all. So, should Skyrim Special Edition make the Christmas list?

Skyrim and Fallout Mods Announced for PS4!

When you want something doing hand the bad news over to your fans and make them do the hard work for you. Sony have taken the hint, it seems, and it was announced last night that mods will indeed be coming to the popular Bethesda titles (Fallout 4/Skyrim) on their platform.