Snipperclips Plus Review

Snipperclips Plus: An Extended Cut

Snipperclips Plus is the new expansion/version of the Switch launch title Snipperclips.

For the uninitiated I will be going in to Snipperclips now, for the new stuff, scroll down a bit.

Snipperclips is a puzzle game where you and a partner (you can play alone but its very much intended for two people) take on the roles of little snippets of paper. By rotating and moving you can overlay the paper shapes and then snip them to remove the overlap, thus creating new shapes. This is pretty much the crux of the game.

At first the game tasks you with simply filling shapes drawn in to the backgrounds with your paper snippets, but soon runs with the concept in typical Nintendo fashion. Before the closing credits you will be fishing, dunking basketballs and even repairing cars. There is a lot of level variety in the main mode but I won’t spoil anything else.

Snipperclips Plus Review

Snipperclips has an incredibly charming artstyle with it’s arts n’ crafts aesthetic and looks consistently great from start to finish. The main characters (well, snippets of paper) have faces crudely sketched on them and are always quick to react in an expressive manner. Wether they’re laughing at their partner for being snipped to oblivion or straining under the weight of a bowling ball, the characters are an absolute joy to watch.

Also along for the ride is a Party mode for up to four players, again while two people can play it is highly recommended you play with a full party. Party mode is a shorter version of the main mode and  you will come across a lot of the same gimmicks on a much larger scale; as well as some intricate combos of four gimmicks at a time. This is a fun mode but if you can’t get four people together you aren’t really missing out, there is nothing here you haven’t seen in the main game. There are also some free for all and two-versus-two battle stages but they are pretty weak.

The only real negative I could find with the original title is that there isn’t enough of it. Not in a “This is so good I want it to go on forever” way, but in more of a “I can’t believe we’ve seen all the content in three hours” way. While the expansion pack remedies this slightly, the original game is quite expensive for the amount of content you get, however the quality and amount of polish on what you do get is amazing.

Snipperclips plus review

Snipperclips is a wonderful game for the Switch and even before they released the new extended version I was always recommending it to friends. While there aren’t a lot of absolute head scratchers in it’s puzzle selection the large variety of stages and the fun to be had actually performing the tasks makes it an essential purchase for the system.

Snipperclips Plus Content

The Plus version of this game includes two new worlds for the main mode (that is approximately 50% more content) and a new shape randomiser for any of the stages. While I had no problem with the original shapes, you sort of don’t realise how good of an idea the randomiser is until you are presented with it.

The new content features new gimmicks and themes; just as before they aren’t absolute brain teasers and half the fun comes from performing the task at hand as oppose to trying to figure it out. One of the new themes is comic book inspired and has a very unique look when compared to the rest of the game, it doesn’t however feel out of place. The soundtrack is super jazzy too.

Snipperclips Plus review

Snipperclips Plus also includes a new arty mode where you can stamp the screen with your current shape. This is cool and I am sure some people will create amazing things with it, but for me it was a 5 minute distraction.

The party mode returns with another six stages as well, along with a couple more versus modes. While I’ve only jumped in to a couple of these, I am confident in saying that it is much the same as before, the same puzzles/gimmicks as the main mode but on a much larger scale.

Overall I recommend Snipperclips Plus to new comers and owners of the original game (assuming you enjoyed it the first time round). At £8.99 as DLC or £26 for the whole package it’s still a little on the expensive side, but it is not like Nintendo games go on sale very often so you should take a punt at full price.

Snipperclips Plus is available as two separate downloads from the E-Shop (the original and the expansion) or as a single physical cartridge at retail.

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