Banned Footage Vol. 2 review

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 Review

The second set of DLC is out now (it actually came out yesterday) and after a very strong offering from the first pack, players were excited to see what Capcom could bring to the table this time around. Read on to find out in our Spoiler Safe Banned Footage Vol. 2 review.

Before we go ahead in to Vol. 2 I’d like to comment on Vol. 1; I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Nightmare tape is a welcome addition to the standard Resident Evil extra/bonus mode stable and the Bedroom tape was a well thought out puzzle. Both are around an hour long and are as good as the main game content. When it came to the Ethan Must Die bonus mode, I loved it and even made a guide for people who are struggling. For a mere £8 it was a steal.

Vol.2 is here two weeks after the launch of the first and brings with it two more tapes and another mode. The bonus mode this time around is aptly titled Jack’s 55th Birthday. Each stage is set in a different, distinct area of the house and you always start with Jack Baker sitting there, with a party hat on his head and some comedy glasses, a safe room box and multiple exits.

In this mode you are tasked with filling up Jacks stomach (indicated by a bar) with whatever food you can find around the stage, there is a timer counting down which can be paused by killing enemies. The time you have left after filling Jack decides your rank and your unlocks for that stage. Anything you unlock, be it weapons or stat boosts, can be found in the safe room box at the start of any stage. Stat boosts take up inventory space but add things like running speed or weapon power, standard stuff.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 review


To complete your task you must sprint around the area and find food items and ingredients which can be combined to satisfy Jack quicker and lead to a better time, but it’s very easy to fill your inventory with crap. Enemies are now wearing various comedy hats, the areas are decorated with balloons and smooth jazz plays throughout. The music changes depending on your current situation and the characters have new super-upbeat party themed voice clips which really adds to the insanity of it all.

To change things up as the stages move on some enemy kills are tied to locked doors. Boss enemies from the main game can appear (party themed of course) and new weapons are available like the various laser guns and the crowbar covered in magic paint. This mode is an absolute blast and has a tonne of replayability.

Next up we have the Daughters tape, a narrative heavy section looking at the start of the infection. Without spoiling it, this mode has multiple endings and goes much deeper than you will see the first time around. The atmosphere is heavy but not in the same way as the single player story and has much more a chaotic feel than the lingering sense of dread you get in Ethan’s adventure. This is not an action heavy mode and is very much story based. If you enjoyed the various in-game tapes and Bedroom you will enjoy this too.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 Review
Probably play this before Jack’s Birthday, it’s very serious actually.


Unfortunately there is a bit of narrative disconnect and the files and character dialogue from the story mode do not match up to this tape even if you get the “true ending”. I understand that in order to have this tape play out in a way that can be condensed in to an hour some sacrifices had to be made in terms of the plot, but it comes off as pretty lazy and poorly planned. It’s still a fun romp though.

Lastly we have 21, starring Resident Evil 7’s camera man turned punching bag Clancy Javis. This tape has you fighting for your life against another poor sap who is in the clutches of the Baker family. Playing a modified version of Blackjack or 21, you will risk life and limb to come out on top of your opponent. The game has been changed in a way where you can literally count cards as only one set with 1-11 written on them are used. You also get trump cards which force moves on either player.

Unfortunately this is where this DLC falls apart. Your opponent for this game is a guy named Hoffman, he’s never mentioned in the story mode at all, he doesn’t even have a face as he has a bag over his head. Hoffman has a couple of lines about wanting to live but mostly repeats the same 4 or so bits of dialogues, even when screaming in pain or looking exasperated he will default back to his generic “hit me” or “I’ll stay” lines.

Unlike Clancy, you can make the torture stop by just shutting off the system.


The problem with this mode is that it has no hook and no reason to move through it. You know Clancy’s fate because of the story mode, the gameplay isn’t fun, Hoffman is a non-character and a tertiary character constantly interrupts play with dialogue. You aren’t playing through an adventure taking on disgusting trials against huge odds, you are playing a simplified version of 21 against an AI and watching horrible things happen to them when they lose.

Completing this mode unlocks an arcade version where you come up against multiple opponents in a row. Your opponents could have been characters from the story as it is just an arcade mode, but alas it is just Hoffman over and over with a different number painted on his head. You unlock extra trump cards for your deck by completing this mode, but I literally didn’t want to play it ever again.

Lastly we come to the price of this DLC – £12. This is £4 more than Vol. 1 but I have no idea why. Jack’s Birthday is a hell of a mode and Daughters is cool, but in terms of raw content Vol. 1 (£8) is much better value for money.

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