A Neon Mess Or A Neon Success – Bezier Review

The problem with bullet hell games is that truly good games in the genre are so few and far between. Bezier sadly does not fit into a good ‘bullet hell’ game.

In Bezier, you take control of a small ship, stuck inside of a supercomputer attempting to escape. A flimsy story, perhaps, but at least the game makes an attempt at telling a story, rather than throwing you into an arena and telling you “Yeah, just shoot some stuff and…uh…” – It’s this attempt at a story and the themes that follow it, that tell me that this game has at least some passion involved. It’d have been easy to just have made a bland shoot ‘em up game, but at least Phillip Bak (the developer) has attempted some story.

The story, however, is one of the only good parts about this game and even that is questionable. It may be because I’m not a big fan of this genre, but the screen is extremely busy. You have to be constantly vigilant for enemies, shields (the primary objective of most levels), power-ups, Magus Domus (the big baddie, capable of insta-kills) and portals to other levels. This may be ‘run-of-the-mill’ but, the visuals are all too similar, making it difficult to differentiate between what is an enemy, what is a pickup and what are friendlies. The neon aesthetic of the game is nice, but when everything except the level border is from the same palette of colour, it becomes difficult to navigate and ultimately progress through the levels.

This brings me onto the game’s music. While at first the music is great – it gets you pumped to be fighting so many enemies and makes you excited to play through the game – eventually you will spend so long in one level that you begin to recognise the musical loops, this in turn leads to the music becoming repetitive and grating after a short while. Add to this the complete mess that is the game’s sound effects, and the audios become just as busy as the visuals, creating a generally unpleasant experience.

Bezier is suited for small game sessions, anything longer than 20-minutes and the game becomes frustrating to play and look at. The game is for sale for £6.99, which I guess could be good value for money if you’re into this type of game, but I seriously cannot recommend Bezier.

Mostly into casual games, but will happily get extremely salty in competitive games. Big fan/supporter of indie games.