Wii U Second Console

Symbiotic relationship in the Xbox One and WiiU

The arrival of the Nintendo Switch means that thousands of Wii U’s are slowly being boxed up and placed on the top shelves of wardrobes across the land. Before they go though I wanted to share one of the greatest examples of technological symbiotic relationship; popping a Wii U on top of an Xbox One.

Terminator 2 re-made in it’s entirety in GTAV

Gamers are dedicated to the games they love. They’ll make colosseums in Minecraft. Create music compositions in Super Mario World. But the team at Kramer Media have gone one step further. They’ve made the Terminator 2 in GTAV…. the whole film!

20th to 26th February 2017 Releases

Seven days to prepare for the release of the Switch then some AAA heavy hitters over the next few weeks. In the mean time there are plenty of fun indies and particularly the Tuesday release Night in the Woods.
Resident Evil 7 DLC

Resident Evil 7 DLC Pack Volume One details

Capcom have been very tight lipped about the Resident Evil 7 DLC with only a few short descriptions and one screenshot/promo art per item. We actually know what it is all about, read on if you dare. (Also spoilers for DLC obviously)

Amazon Affiliation and us (and you)

As the site grows we are looking for ways to support it, without getting in your way or asking anything extra of our readership. We’ve decided on Amazon Affiliation.