Empty Indie game

Empty: Finally a game that matches how I feel

Empty is a new indie game where the player must de-clutter a room by altering the camera’s perspective. If you hate when your belongings randomly disappear just because you were looking at it funny, then maybe you shouldn’t read on.
Half Life 2 VR

Clever boys are porting Half Life 2 to VR

Half Life 2 is up there with the greatest games of all time. Critics might say “yes it was groundbreaking when it came out but not so much anymore,” don’t listen to them. They are wrong.
Prey for the Gods

Bethesda Swings Dick in Lopsided Contest

An indie team of three creating the game Prey for the Gods have been forced to change their name after trademark law frat boy Bethesda/ZeniMax started swinging their dick around.