Long Journey iOS

Long Journey : the Sainsburys meal deal of gaming

Long Journey is the minimalist story of life told through visual metaphor by a boat travelling from left to right across the screen. But is this a speed-boat across crystal clear Tunisian water? Or an iceberg, dead ahead, bound to plummet our ships to the icy depths?
My Horse Prince Review

My Horse Prince: A review for iOS/Android

My Horse Prince sees a young girl leave her past-romantic disasters in the city and head out to the opportunistic country side. Hoping to find love she instead finds a horse with a human face. But something isn’t quite right here.

MilkMaid of the Milky Way : Full Fat Review

MilkMaid of the Milky Way is a new mobile point-and-click adventure game from MachineBoy. But is this a blended milkshake treat or a pint of milk that’s been out in the sun for too long?

Super Mario Run Review: Another stumbling block for Nintendo

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first fully-fledged smartphone game was released earlier this week and inevitably topped the App Store chart. But is this finally a victory lap for Nintendo after a difficult few years? Whether you think Super Mario Run is a good game or not depends entirely on being able to adjust your expectations […]