A must play: That Dragon, Cancer

Last year I was browsing  YouTube videos when I came across a video called That Dragon, Cancer, the name was a bit odd to me and didn’t tell me much about what this game was about so I decided to give it a watch, I wasn’t prepared for what kind of journey this game would […]

Antegods Crowdfunding enters its final 48 hours

Antegods is a game I wrote about way back in September of last year, you can see what I said at the time here. But what I have failed to mention in the subsequent months is that they’ve opened their doors to Crowdfunding to help get the project finished.
konami krazy racers

Review: Konami Krazy Racers

3, 2, 1…Goemon. Mario Kart clones are ten-a-penny, but Konami Krazy Racers remains one of the very best.