The Entertainer – Dance til you drop

As the bustling pedestrians aimlessly wander through their day, indistinguishable from the pigeons among them, one man hopes to bring a little joy to their lives; The Entertainer. Hidden in his satchel is a musical contraption ready to captivate and distill a few drops of joy into passerbys. But the ever-present police have banned music. In a world […]
new xbox scorpio

Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpi-OH NO!

Microsoft has officially confirmed their new Xbox Scorpio model – basically it’s a pimped up Xbox One with more processing power, 4K output, a bigger price tag, blah blah blah.
EGX Rezzed
Deadbeat Heroes Game

Deadbeat Heroes – Hands on preview

Deadbeat Heroes is a stylish new brawler from a couple (just two!) of ex-Lionhead developers. Set in 1970’s London, the game has a tonne of style and fast paced gameplay you won’t find anywhere else.