Overwatch tease even more hero news in blog post.

Yesterday we let you know that Blizzard was planning on releasing a new hero soon and it likely wasn’t the highly anticipated Doomfist. Since this the crafty guys on the Overwatch team have dropped an interesting blog post… Enter potential new Overwatch hero: Efi Oladele.

Destiny 2: Coming this year

Details have finally come to light and it looks like Destiny 2 is coming this year. It sounds promising… But Destiny always did. 
Games turning 10: February

Games Turning 10: “Feb” edition

I hate the abbreviation that is “Feb”. I don’t know why, it’s entirely irrational. Welcome to the second month of 2017, everyone. In this month’s edition of games turning 10 we have some corkers… So welcome to games turning 10: February edition. 
yooka-laylee ps4

Yooka-Laylee has gone Gold!

Yooka-Laylee has gone gold, so prepare: this is the closest thing you’re gonna get to a new Rare game and woo-ee does it look good. 
Steep: A Review

Steep Review: A full combo meter or bailing on a big trick?

Ubisoft has brought something new to the table with Steep. Never before have we had a purely online, open-world, skiing/snowboarding game. One that allows you to experience the social aspects of the world of extreme outdoors sports and being better than you could ever hope to be in real life.   But is Steep the lift up this […]