Ancient Planet – A Breath Of Life To A Crowded Genre?

Ancient Planet is your typical tower defence game, but it does have a few nice features that make it stand apart from the rest. Arguably, the best thing about this game is its art style – created in such a way that it has an almost, comic book like aesthetic. This is aided by the […]
80 days pc review

80 Days – PC Version Review

On the surface, 80 Days doesn’t look all that interesting – screenshots and videos I’d seen beforehand made the focus of the game confusing and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into – but after spending roughly an hour with it, I’m in love. 80 Days puts you in the unique position […]

Chainsaw Warrior – Review

From the outside, Chainsaw Warrior seems like a great game – A DnD inspired zombie survival game? Sign me up! It’s execution, though, is what ultimately lets this game down.