My Horse Prince Review

My Horse Prince: A review for iOS/Android

My Horse Prince sees a young girl leave her past-romantic disasters in the city and head out to the opportunistic country side. Hoping to find love she instead finds a horse with a human face. But something isn’t quite right here.

MilkMaid of the Milky Way : Full Fat Review

MilkMaid of the Milky Way is a new mobile point-and-click adventure game from MachineBoy. But is this a blended milkshake treat or a pint of milk that’s been out in the sun for too long?

Moana: Review

Disney’s 56th Animated featured Moana treads new ground by combing classical Disney story telling with Polynesian mythology. But is this a gift sent from the heavens or a demi-god destined to toil in the underworld?
Westworld: The Video Game

Westworld: The Video Game inspired TV show

Despite VR gaming managing to fill landfills with gamers vomit TV appears to be getting inspired by the new area of gaming. The interactive theme park of new TV show Westworld in particular is running a lot of parallels with gaming. But something still doesn’t feel right about the world of Westworld.