tiny trax

What’s up with the new Tiny Trax trailer?

A game trailer is meant to sell you the game. Make you want it.  Make you yearn for it. Sadly the new trailer for Tiny Trax doesn’t do this. It’s leave you questioning whether you accidentally hit the skip button.

Terminator 2 re-made in it’s entirety in GTAV

Gamers are dedicated to the games they love. They’ll make colosseums in Minecraft. Create music compositions in Super Mario World. But the team at Kramer Media have gone one step further. They’ve made the Terminator 2 in GTAV…. the whole film!
Empty Indie game

Empty: Finally a game that matches how I feel

Empty is a new indie game where the player must de-clutter a room by altering the camera’s perspective. If you hate when your belongings randomly disappear just because you were looking at it funny, then maybe you shouldn’t read on.
raft indie game

Raft : something to scratch that

I’ve never cursed at a shark. Not once. Ever. Despite the trauma they have brought onto my family (sometimes I still hear the shark laughter). But last night after three hours I called a Shark words I can’t repeat. All of it in a free-to-play game called Raft.

The Entertainer – Dance til you drop

As the bustling pedestrians aimlessly wander through their day, indistinguishable from the pigeons among them, one man hopes to bring a little joy to their lives; The Entertainer. Hidden in his satchel is a musical contraption ready to captivate and distill a few drops of joy into passerbys. But the ever-present police have banned music. In a world […]