Wii U Second Console

Symbiotic relationship in the Xbox One and WiiU

The arrival of the Nintendo Switch means that thousands of Wii U’s are slowly being boxed up and placed on the top shelves of wardrobes across the land. Before they go though I wanted to share one of the greatest examples of technological symbiotic relationship; popping a Wii U on top of an Xbox One.

One to watch: Harold Halibut

What possible better setup can you have than Wallace and Gromit meets Bioshock? Well new adventure game Harold Halibut has raised a few eyebrows attempting just that in it’s new teaser. But can the stylish design carry our hero Harold to his €150,000 kickstarter goal?

This is an Alpha post

I just watched a storm-trooper gun-down an army of rebellions. Bullets whizzed past in 4k HD sound so crisp I gasped. And over my head explosions screamed and seared with the intensity of a thousand suns. I then feel a whisper in my ear. A whisper that “this is only an alpha build”.
E3 News

The Last Night shown in stunning trailer

The Last Night went up against triple-A titles in Microsoft’s E3 presentation this week. It not only managed to hold it’s own, but it managed to blow most other titles out of the water.