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Game of the Year: The Bradders Perspective

Not wanting to start a sob story, but 2016 has been a tough year financially for myself. The number of nominations I’ve made reflects this, but that doesn’t take away the value from the games I have nominated, so in reverse order: 3. Overwatch While this game scores a lot higher by my fellow writers, […]
colour blindness in video games

PSA: Colour blindness in Video Games

Colour blindness in video games has come a long way, but there’s still a hefty room for improvement. If you’re a budding game dev, do read on for some insights relating to ~10% of your potential audience.

Skyrim Vs. Skyrim Special Edition

We are deep in the era of remastered games, and one thing’s for certain, no one has enough time and money to play them all. So, should Skyrim Special Edition make the Christmas list?