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Independent Game Retailers feel the squeeze of Xbox’s Game Pass

Game Pass was Microsoft’s best kept secret but a recent announcement regarding new titles on the Netflix-like service has shaken up smaller retailers and grabbed users attention.

Game Pass is a hell of a product (this isn’t an ad I promise), you pay £8 a month (with two weeks free) and you get access to 100 games to download for your Xbox One. This also includes games from the Xbox One’s older brothers; Xbox 360 and the thicc OG badman. Some of those titles are enhanced too, for example you can play Ninja Gaiden Black at a higher resolution on your One. Sweet.

Microsoft recently announced that the Game Pass would also be including new games launching on their actual real world release day. This makes the deal even sweeter as you can go on Mr Halo’s latest adventure at the same time as the mugs who dropped £105 for a day one special edition with edible Halo Man statue and Flaming Head DLC code. The first game to be simultaneously released on Game Pass and to stores is soon to be commercial disaster (or player feedback outrage, pick your poison) Sea Of Thieves. have done the leg work and have gone and spoke to a bunch of independent retailers but rather than completely rip off their hard work I’ll grab some choice quotes for you. You can see all their findings here.

Between quaffing cider and hating Europe, one Cornish store representative has said:

I sold a Monster Hunter this morning and the bloke’s already brought it back.

A Leicestershire store representative said:

I would have restocked normally, but now there’s no incentive for me to do so unless I get something dirt cheap.

When pressed for what he meant by dirt cheap he went on to mention how he can get a pie and mash for less than £3 in his local, which also has top sinks to piss in. Finally adding:

We got a lovely little plaque last year saying we’re official Microsoft stockists

Hard hitting stuff.

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