Sumo Digital leak hints at new FPS and karting game

Some top secret developments today, as a Sumo Digital leak (whose developers had a hand in Timesplitters, Crysis 2 and Perfect Dark) shows they working on several big and as-yet-unannounced titles.

The leaks come via Resetera with a thread dedicated to the content of a leaked online slideshow (which has since been taken down).

The slideshow includes the usual commercial promotion waffle, but then has this exciting slide showing off some “Top Secret” stuff in the works:

There’s a “multi-project collaboration with international publishing partner” for a new FPS game (PC to console), an “unannounced major partner” for an original FPS game (using an established global IP), and finally an “unannounced karting game” with an established global IP.

So…. let’s speculate the shite outta this one.

Multi-project collaboration

This could be anything, although “PC to console” sounds like they have a roadmap in place already. Could they have secured the Timesplitters IP to make the long-awaited Timesplitters 4 (and then 5, 6 etc)? With Crytek offering little information over the past decade, I think we can but hope on that one.


Unannounced original FPS

This one offers less to speculate on. It’s described as an original FPS using an established intellectual property (IP) which could be anything. The “major partner” is unannounced, so not likely to be an existing relationship. Perhaps Nintendo are looking for a new FPS on the Switch, maybe using Mario as the property. Look out for “Mario’s Big Revolver Adventure” coming in the future….


Unannounced karting game

Looking at their previous titles, the team have dipped into karting games with the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing games (2010-2012) which could be due for a sequel. They have also worked on Forza Horizon and Motorsport titles, so perhaps the Xbox will get an ultra-realistic karting title in the near future?  No, probably not.


What would you like to see coming from Sumo Digital?

We’ll keep an eye on this story and keep you updated.

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