Monster Hunter World Sales

Monster Hunter World slays series sales records

The series has always been a little out of reach for mainstream audiences but with it’s release on PS4 and Xbox One, Monster Hunter World is getting the love it deserves.

Previously releasing on handhelds (PSP/3DS) or on the more casual consoles (Wii/Wii U); the mainstream audience has never really had a shot at Monster Hunter. Capcom will be kicking themselves over why it took them so long to release a version on these platforms with the launch weekend sales coming in at 5 million, already beating previous series highest seller MH Portable 3rd’s life time sales of 4.9 million.

This is a huge number for what was considered a niche title in the West and considering that the game hasn’t seen its PC release yet. But with all things there is a (slight) caveat, the 5 million number includes both digital and physical when most opening sales numbers do not include the digital side. Impressive none the less.

Hirozaku Hamamura (industry guy, worked at JP Magazine Famitsu for a long time but still just a guy) reckons the title could easily break 10 million sales life time once it hits PC, which would be a hell of an achievement for Capcom. He also said this back at the beginning of January too.

Personally, I’ve been on the hunt for a good deal regarding this game (fuck paying full price for games, come on) but the temptation to just pick it up as is getting too strong.

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