UFC3 releases

29th January to 4th February Releases

A week full of heavy hits! Literally! Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT releases alongside UFC 3 and more.

29th January

  • The Master (PC)

30th January

  • Asemblance (Xbox One)
  • Avernum 3: Ruined World (PC)
  • Bus Driver Simulator 2018 (PC)
  • Call of Duty: WWII – The Resistance (PS4)
  • Cold Iron (PC, PS4)
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT (PS4)
  • EA Sports UFC 3 (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Out of Ammo (PC, PSVR)
  • Railway Empire (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Strikers Edge (PC, PS4)
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – The Diaries of Agent Silent Death (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Wulverblade (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

1st February

  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PC)
  • Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (Switch)
  • Night in the Woods (Switch)
  • Shiftlings: Enhanced Edition (Switch)
  • Sky Force Reloaded (Switch)
  • SteamWorld Dig (Switch)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT releases this week allowing all of your Final Fantasy faves to duke it out. It’s got quite the list of heavy hitters including Tidus, Cloud, Squall Leonhart and everyone’s number 1 Onion Knight!

It’s the latest in the over the top fighter series and sure to be plenty of fun for FF fans. Take a look at the beautiful opening cinematic below.

UFC3 drops on Tuesday and takes a more grounded approach to combat as we return to the octagon.  It boasts the usual EA sports jargon heavy updates such as promising to revolutionise fighting movement with Real Player Motion Tech, but the main thing is that with it rocking a 78 on Metacritic it seems darn promising.

Check out a trailer below.

Getting any new games this week? Let us know below.

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