theme hospital 2

Theme Hospital 2 is happening…sort of

Theme Hospital 2 is finally happening.

Well, sort of.

Two Point Hospital is being developed by Gary Carr and Mark Webley, who worked for Bullfrog and helped develop the original Theme Park and Theme Hospital titles. The pair have now formed their own company Two Point Studios and along with Sega, will be bringing this spiritual sequel to the popular ’90s hospital management sim to PC in 2018.

From the trailer, it’s clear that Two Point Hospital has the same light-hearted approach to its subject matter. No doubt there will be tons more made-up conditions to be treated by players as they balance the financial demands of running a hospital with the practicality of meeting the needs of the patients and the staff.

There’s not a lot of information on the game’s official website at the moment, but you can already sign up for Hospital Pass, which promises early access to new trailers for the game as well as exclusive content when Two Point Hospital releases.

theme hospital 2

Screenshots for the game will be overwhelmingly familiar to fans of 1997’s Theme Hospital. Although the graphics are inevitably much improved on the original title, a lot of the designs of the equipment and furniture remain exactly the same.

The announcement of Two Point Hospital marks a resurgence in hospital management sims – just a few months ago Oxymoron Games confirmed they were developing Project Hospital, a (more serious) spin on Theme Hospital.

theme hospital 2

Currently both games are confirmed only for PC, but with Sega publishing Two Point Hospital, now is the time to put your hands together and hope that they’ll be eyeing up a home console release if the initial launch is successful.

The game is currently scheduled to release in Autumn 2018. In the meantime you can check out Two Point Studios on Twitter for updates on the game’s development progress.

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