Lego games 2018

Lego Games 2018: The Incredibles and DC Villains incoming.

TT Games refuse to take a day off and will continue to crap out Lego games for all of eternity, forever and ever without stopping.

I’m not too familiar with the Lego titles, I know the general gist of them but have been a little out of the loop for a while, mostly because I’m a sad 26 year old man. You collect stuff while playing as your favourite characters from across media while visiting locations from said media. There are some light Metroidvania type elements (stop me if I’m wrong) which come about as you use freshly unlocked characters abilities in previous stages. This is the blueprint of the Lego series.

That is not to say the games are bad however, if you played them all you might burn out but the games seem to be consistently good.

Image result for lego batman 3

Anyway, the newest franchises to get bricked are The Incredibles and what I suspect is probably Suicide Squad. Not wanting to sell a game that has ‘suicide’ on the box to children, TT Games have opted for the much more child friendly DC Villains. This is not their first rodeo with DC however, as they are releasing this after a Lego Batman trilogy (that I understand was actually pretty good). The game is due for release in late 2018.

It is however Pixars first trip behind the bins with TT Games and while I reckon The Incredibles franchise might be a little too thin for them to make a compelling experience out of; there is a sequel due for release in June. This coincides with the games release, which will cover both the movies and some other Pixar stuff.

With no official announcement (just Eurogamer as a source below), there are currently no confirmed platforms for these releases.


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