visual puzzle game Photographs

New visual puzzle game Photographs expected out this year

The creators of 10000000 and You Must Build A Boat try a new direction in this narrative visual puzzle game due out on PC, Mac and mobile devices later this year.

The trailer for the new game has dropped which gives an idea of how the new game will play out. After two highly-playable and innovative match-3 games, the creators are going on a tangent with this new game. The game’s designer, Luca Redwood, spoke to Polygon this week about the upcoming game and the motivations behind this unusual proposal.

I was a massive fan of both 10000000 and YMBAB – which you can learn about on the EightyEight Games website – and each offers incredibly catchy music and near-endless enjoyment from becoming a match-3 master.

The tone of the upcoming game seems very different though, a quieter and sombre affair where you rearrange elements to form a visual tale, with plenty of emotive scenes to tug at your heartstrings. Luca Redwood told Polyon:

“It’s quite dark, quite heavy. One of the things that I’m most worried about with this game is it deals with difficult themes, but it doesn’t pass judgment. And I think people might accuse me of sitting on the fence with that.”

A dark, heavy title sounds amazing and will be backed up with incredible pixel art being produced by the amazing Octavi Navarro, as Luca explains:

“You’ll see a photograph every time you solve a puzzle. I remember once I went to Octavi and I said, ‘Alright on this photo the alchemist is extremely sad about this, but he’s resolute. He’s steadfast. He knows what needs to be done. Can you please express that emotion in four pixels, please?’ And he fuckin’ nailed it. It’s one of my favorite photographs in the entire game.”

Boiling down “extremely sad but resolute and steadfast” into a four pixel emotion is seriously impressive. I’m looking forward to the game coming out to see how the end result looks and might have to add it into our list of aesthetically pleasing games once release.

The game is expected out at some point in 2018 on Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

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