Party Games PS4

LLC Podcast Episode 31: Party like Nobodies Listening

The crew is back (minus Craig) for 2018 with a party-filled party-themed party episode.

Gary, Oliver and Bryony take on the super niche topic of Party Games, as in video party games not something like duck duck goose. We talk over the notable releases of the genre, go in depth on some classics like Crash Bash as well as some interesting trivia before ending with a quiz.

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Time Stamps

00:01:00 – GOTY Apology (oops)

00:02:00 – What defines a Party Game?

00:11:00 – Wii/Wii U Period

00:19:00 – Crash Bash

00:25:00 – Pac-man Fever

00:28:10 – Keep Talking and No One Explodes

00:33:00 – Buzz 

00:44:00 – Quiz

00:54:00 – Outro

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