Gary’s Game of the Year Nomination’s 2017

What a magical time in gaming. These are my fave games for 2017!

Honourable mention: Super Mario Odyssey

Unfortunately I was late to the Switch party, only grabbing one this month. Due to this there wasn’t enough time with ol’Mario to warrant putting it into my top 5. Though certainly I am absolutely in love with this gem. The levels are sublime, plus Mario looks damn good in that Wedding Dress. Would 100% recommend this title if you are a fan of platformers.

5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

In short this game was a phenomenon. It wasn’t the first in the genre but it took Battle Royale to the big time. It is great to see a small title make it big, very big.  We’re talking sold over 20 million copies and top 3 games on Twitch big.

The basic gameplay loop involves gathering 100 players together whether that be solo, in a duo or a team of 3 or 4 and throwing them together on an island. A safe zone is picked and a blue wave gradually shrinks to that position. The longer the match goes, the smaller the zone. It sounds simple but combined with having to scavenge for weaponry and protection it becomes a potent recipe for pulse pounding action.

Every player will have tons of stories about being in desperate situations, pulling off once in a lifetime shots or pulling off absurd tactics among other things. Each match is different, fresh and creates a level of tension arguably greater than any survival horror title. Crucially, it shows you don’t have to be AAA to be super successful.

4. Resident Evil 7

It took the success of the Revelations titles, failure of 6 and a switch to first person to give us a proper AAA Resi game. Boy was it worth the wait. The switch to first person certainly suggested parallels to PT but 7 is Resi through and through.

You will be picking up items, solving puzzles and running away from Nemesis style threats. That, my friend, is great to say. The real key though is the sense of dread that is present from beginning to end. It really elevates the title and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Oli also loved it giving it a 9 in his review, found here.

Honestly though I am just chuffed to be able to say Resi is back to its best!

3. Tekken 7

I love Tekken. As such this is an easy pick for me. Tekken 7 brings that amazing 3d combat we know and love plus adds new characters, new special moves and a story mode that is enjoyable if a little too absurd for its own good. However it truly is the core combat that really shines, and is possibly the best of any Tekken title.

My review for it, is here. It netted a 9 from myself and honestly if there was a tutorial mode, more effort in the story mode, a team battle mode and a little more customisation then it would be the perfect Tekken game. As it stands it is the best 3d fighting game on the market, and to my mind the best in the whole fighting game genre at the moment.

A must have for any Tekken or 3d fighting game fan. Also it will likely be the only time you get to see Akuma fighting Noctis!

2. The Legend of Zelda : The Breath of the Wild

This was the Zelda we were promised many moons ago, and somehow it not only matched the gargantuan levels of hype but exceeded them. Sacrificing the more rigid flow of recent Zelda titles for an open world, and boy did it make fantastic use of it. Once you have nabbed powers such as magnetism, creating ice blocks and a paraglider then just go and adventure. That’s it. It’s that beautifully simple, have an adventure.

There is a feeling of sublime freedom that is a breath of fresh air that not only Zelda needed but open world action adventure titles were in dire need of. Now instead of a congested map of icons you can do what you want like investigate something interesting, follow a tip off from someone or hunt for neat enemies. The choice is yours.

Combine this freedom with inventive little puzzles and fun, memorable characters then you have a legitimate classic. Honestly just play it already!

1.  NieR: Automata

Become as Gods

It’s hard to just speak about how special this game is because honestly to get the impact it truly needs to be experienced. From the maverick mind of Yoko Taro in collaboration with the talented folks at Platinum you knew it could be something amazing, but it surprised me just how spectacular yet touching the game turned out to be. Put simply it crafted a deep emotional story that could only be created in the gaming medium.

In the distant future Robots and Androids are locked in a seemingly eternal struggle. Curiously, however, the robots appear to be adopting altogether more human characteristics and traits. You are on the opposite side of the coin however, on the side of the androids. You are put in the shoes of Yorha android 2B and her faithful companion 9S as you aid the effort to cleanse the world in the name of both the androids and their human creators, currently residing on the moon.

That is just setting the scene. Throughout the story you will experience so very much, chief among them will be finding out what drives someone and crucially how they view life and existence.

Certainly that sounds a bit lofty and vague, but seriously just play it and it will come together beautifully.

Please play this game, it is one of the most special stories in this whole medium.

There you go. They were my fave games for 2017. What are yours?

Gaming as long as I can remember. Started with the OG Gameboy and Super Nintendo. Ever since powering up that grey beast games have become an important part of my life. Tekken, Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta all live in my heart.