list of TGA 2017 Winners

Here’s the big news from TGA’s and PSX 2017

There was an absolute crap tonne of announcements made over the Thursday/Friday/Saturday this week, and we have all of the best ones in one place for your perusal.

In order to make this a bit easier for you, my dear reader, I am going to group titles by content rather than event. Then right at the end at the very bottom will be the list of TGA 2017 Winners. While these are obviously games I liked the look of, Microsoft were notably absent from the event so there is nothing from them, I didn’t leave them out by choice.

So let’s get on with it.

Soul Calibur VI (6) Revealed

Soul Calibur is returning after it’s lacklustre 5th entry in a hope to return to what made Soul Edge – SC4 great. While at TGA’s we saw a little snippet of action it was actually at PSX where we got to see some honest to God gameplay. The movement in the game looks very fast and fluid, with the developers noting the the plot (yawn) will be a retelling of the original game.

So below you will find the initial reveal, followed by a developer interview interspersed with loads of gameplay.


Bayonetta 1, 2 and 3 are all heading for the Switch

Yeah you read that right, not only is Bayo getting a brand new adventure on the Switch, the ill-fated Wii U exclusive sequel will be making the jump to the Switch along with the original. I call Bayonetta 2 ill-fated because the Wii U was a fucking disaster not because the game was bad.

While the series isn’t selling huge numbers, it has a cult like following that will no doubt grow further now that Nintendo has cemented the franchise as one of their own. Personally I can’t stand her, but to each their own. The trailers are below.


Death Stranding get’s a new trailer

Death Stranding is a title that is surrounded in mystery but I can confidently say it’s become a little more clearer with this third trailer. It actually looks like a game now, a scenario in which I can see how gameplay would work and surprise! It look’s like a third person stealth action game. Previously the trailers barely resembled a video game (if you didn’t see them check them out here and here) and while I’m all for creativity I couldn’t see how you actually played it.

Now in the third (but to be honest equally mental) trailer we get to see Norman Reedus and his little friend become a meme instantly, so get comfy and crack on with the 8 minute trailer below.

As an aside I predict a Yoshi’s Island style baby = health mechanic. If you get separated for too long you both die. If this is the case you heard it here first.

New Zelda BotW DLC is available now

Champions Ballad is the new DLC for BotW which requires you to have beaten all four of the Divine Beasts (that’s not a spoiler the game has been out almost 10 months now) before accessing. You get to hang out with the four Guardians, use a new weapon called the One-Hit Obliterator and eventually unlock a motorcycle. The irony of the motorcycle being once you have beaten the four Beasts and all the DLC why would you ever need it, but whatever.

The Destructoid review says “Keep your expectations in check and you’ll enjoy the ride” which seems fair enough. Check out the trailer below.


Monster Hunter World’s Story Trailer is dope

Featuring a bunch of Capcom voice actors I can recognise but only two I can place, the Monster Hunter World Story Trailer shows off the goods ahead of the January 28th release. The trailer is bombastic to say the least and is very reminiscent of Lost Planet 2 (or  is LP2 reminiscent of Monster Hunter?).

Anyway the Beta is actually live right now for PS4 Plus users so get on it and slay some monsters. This is a good opportunity to see if the divisive series is for you. You can see the Story Trailer below.


WipeOut Omega Collection gets a PSVR Update

What I unfortunately stated as my personal disappointment of 2017 is returning with what must be a vomit inducing VR experience. Now don’t get me wrong; the Omega Collection features 3 absolute bangers including 2033, a more grounded version of the WipeOut experience that was missed by most due to it’s Vita exclusivity. It also looks phenomenal with the boys over at Digital Foundry saying this was the most complete PS4 Pro experience yet.

The VR version was revealed with the suitably noisy trailer below, probably not indicative of the real life motion sickness factor.

A Way Out Director was off his bin

I don’t know if it was passion or passion, but this guy was certainly high on something other than jet lag, check out Keighley squirming HARD in the video below.

List of TGA 2017 Winners

  • Game of the Year – Zelda BotW
  • Best Game Direction – Zelda BotW
  • Best Narrative  – What Remains of Edith Finch
  • Best Art Direction – Cuphead
  • Best Music – Nier Automata
  • Best Audio Design – Hellblade
  • Best Performance – Melina Juergens
  • Games for Impact – Hellblade
  • Best Ongoing Game – Overwatch
  • Best Mobile Game – Monument Valley 2
  • Best Handheld Game – Metroid
  • Best VR/AR Game – Resident Evil 7
  • Best Action – Wolfenstein II
  • Best Action/Adventure – Zelda BotW
  • Best RPG – Persona 5
  • Best Fighting  – Injustice 2
  • Best Family – Mario Odyssey
  • Best Strategy – Mario + Rabbids
  • Best Sports/Racing – Forza
  • Best Mutiplayer – PUBG
  • Most Anticipated – Last of Us II
  • Best Independent Game – Cuphead
  • Best Student Game – Level Squared
  • Trending Gamer – Dr. Disrespect
  • Esports – Overwatch
  • Esports Player – Faker
  • Esports Team – Cloud 9
  • Debut Indie Game – Cuphead
  • Best Chinese Game – jx3 HD

So there we have it, if you want to see how close our predictions were to the real Winners check out our Podcast here.

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