Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream today

Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream today

We should get a few more concrete details about the upcoming space adventure title during today’s live stream event.

The new game is a sequel to the critically-underrated 2003 action game which cast you as Jade, investigative journalist/martial arts expert who uncovers a vast conspiracy along with the help of her porcine uncle.

The original was woefully undersold during the original launch but the remaster in 2011 brought the game to a wider audience and sparked interest in a sequel.

So far, we have not had much information on the new release – we know it will be a prequel to the original story, and that exploitation and conspiracy still appear to be the flavour of the day.

The developers have teased some character and spaceship artwork which look pretty badass, but still don’t know how it all fits together.

Dark Side of the Moon

The details released so far seem to indicate a darker and richer game on the way. The character is reportedly customisable, either male or female, and works from a low-status pirate/explorer, rising up the ranks until they achieve glory.

There have been mentions of a procedurally-generated galaxy, along with an emphasis on exploration and creating your own narrative. Will this be another “No Man’s Sky”?

The artwork released so far shows “hybrids” – animal/alien creatures who are essentially slaves in this universe – are potentially being used as “a source of spare organs, pleasure providers and forced labour”. Will your character liberate the hybrids – or will you stay out of their conflict?

Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream today

Space Monkey Program

The live stream starts at 5pm GMT today (6pm CET) and will be the first of the video reports from the game’s developers.

We’re looking forward to some more details – hopefully providing some more information about the “Devs Ask” questions which were pitched to fans, including:

Beyond Good & Evil 2 live stream today

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