Megaman 30th Anniversary Stream

Surprising Everyone, the Megaman 30th Anniversary Stream was Good.

The Megaman 30th Anniversary stream even had a NEW game! New as in, not a port or a remake. We have details of all the stuffs right here.

The┬ástream (or celebration) kicked off with some, I assume, famous people in the Megaman community. ProJared, Used Pizza and MegaRan all hung out on CapcomUnity’s Twitch channel (along with 29k viewers) ahead of the stream to take part in a music quiz and unfortunately rap about Megaman. But whatever, let’s move on from that.

We got to see some Japanese devs get wet-eyed while literally whispering about how great they thought Megaman was (and is). Interspersed throughout these clips were some shots of classic Megaman kicking butt. Then we had some surprising and not so surprising announcements which we shall get in to right now!

Megaman X Series – PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

Megaman 30th anniversary Stream

I am a Megaman fan, I’ve played 1-6 then 9-10 through quite a few times but I have never touched the X series. I dipped my toe in Battle Network and even a little bit of ZX Advent. Never Megaman X, but as they say there is no time like the present. The Megaman X series will be coming to all consoles soon in some sort of format, wether that is a collection or as stand alone releases we don’t know.

Either way the Switch love doesn’t stop there.

Megaman Legacy Collection 1+2 with Amiibo Support

Megaman 30th Anniversary Stream

The fantastic original Megaman series is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018 with the support of your ever growing Amiibo collection. Capcom/Nintendo haven’t said what the support is just yet but I should imagine it will either be unlockable challenges or in-game power-ups. I’m like Nostradamus when it comes to Nintendo and Capcom so you may as well take that as Gospel.

Megaman 11 – Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

My longest yeah boy ever. Check out the trailer below.

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