Holy Chinese Nintendo game ports, Batman!

Bizarre news breaking today, as Nintendo have announced they will be porting a number of big Wii titles for the Nvidia Shield tablet in China.

This is pretty huge news, as not only are these old games getting a new lease of life, this is another example of Nintendo finally bringing their games to other consoles and devices (such as the recent launches of Animal Crossing and Super Mario Run on mobile devices).

Breaking this news story down, there are several big points to note here:

  1. Nintendo are actually porting some of their big-name titles – Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  2. The titles will be remastered for the Nvidia Shield, outputting 1080p (full HD) visuals
  3. The titles are being re-released as part of the launch for the Shield in China, with no reported plans to bring them to a wider audience

The news came through via an industry insider who tweeted the games and some screenshots of the new Shield store page:

The news will delight Chinese gamers, who struggle with serious licensing and market requirements which often prevent big titles reaching Chinese shores. However, many other games have commented that there appears to be no obvious barriers to releasing these games worldwide, and are calling for Nintendo to bring these ports to a global audience.

The announcement has also led to speculation that these ports could be appearing on other devices, like a Wii Virtual console on the Switch, which would allow worldwide audiences to play these games again in high definition.

While nothing official has come from Nintendo yet, we are keenly awaiting the next Nintendo Direct, which may hint at future plans for their huge back-catalogue of Wii and Gamecube titles.


Are there any Wii games you want ported to Switch?

Would you pick up a Nvidia Shield if you could play these games?


Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-12-05-super-mario-galaxy-zelda-twilight-princess-to-launch-on-android-in-china

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