Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls going offline in February 2018

The OG Soul’s style game that came along and invented a genre is finally being shut off for good.

Back in my university days I fancied myself a bit of a gaming maestro, the first game to truly defeat me was Demon’s Souls. I had to import two copies as me and a friend genuinely believed it would never come to the UK, but 18 months after it’s initial JP release it did hit UK shores. Luckily the game had English in-game text, but I think that would have been the least of my problems if it hadn’t.

The game was hard as fuck, not in a “This is a challenge but I see where I’m going wrong” way but in a “let’s drop a boulder on the player because he ran up the stairs” kind of way. While the environments were by no means fair, the fighting and loot system had glimmers of brilliance which made it in to Dark Souls, cementing it as a genre-defining classic.

Still as the first of it’s kind the game was spectacular; the subtle story elements and gothic fantasy environments were a hit with audiences and critics a like. But alas, nothing lasts forever and the online elements like invading, teaming up, leaving messages, seeing where other players fell and even becoming an end of level boss for another player will soon be gone permanently.

This game didn’t get a PC release either so Demon’s Souls will be forever offline as of February next year. If you want to give the game a go (don’t expect it to be easy just because you shat all over Dark Souls) you need to be quick.

Maybe we will see a remaster at the VGA’s or PSX this week? Who knows.

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