FFXV Update Active Time Report stream shows new content for Year 2

Square Enix hosted the FFXV Active Time Report stream today showing off some facts and figures from Final Fantasy XV as well as some new content. Check out this rough-n-ready translation.

All of the info for this article has been gleaned from this Reddit thread, but edited and rewritten for clarity. There will be an English language stream, which we will add to to this article when it’s available.

Ahead of the “final” DLC Episode Ignis; Square Enix have had a nice stream with some members of the development team about how the game was received as well as some new content. The big hitters from this stream are as follows:

  • The most popular part of FFXV was the combat and the world.
  • The least popular part was the “collaborations” (Assassins Creed/Tekken) and Chapter 13 (surprise!).
  • 65% of players who finished the game bought the Season Pass.
  • Episode Ignis is still on track for it’s December 13th release.
  • Comrades Mode update is reducing the load times to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Comrades Mode has more content planned for the future.
  • Character Switching will be possible in the main game.
  • Pocket Edition will be our during Winter Season, but not December.
  • Monster of the Deep has been “generally well received”.
  • Year 2 of DLC Episodes is confirmed, but have nothing more to say.

Let’s take a look at a few of these in more detail.

Episode Ignis News

They showed a couple of minutes of the new DLC (with Japanese Audio) as well as dropping some hints regarding the multiple endings. We got to see some making of style footage shot during the recording of the soundtrack and a quick look at the Extra Battle which will be Ignis vs Noctis. This mode is described as being very difficult and the clip shows Ignis pulling down a billboard that Noctis is hanging from.

Comrades Mode Update

final fantasy xv multiplayer

There is quite a bit of news regarding the multiplayer mode Comrades, with an update promised on the 12th of December. This update reduces load times (thank god) to a maximum of 30 seconds but can be as low as 10. A new NPC has been added to Lestallum who will offer your character buffs (like when you eat food) in exchange for certain items, one of these buffs is related to Cid.

Square Enix will also be adding new quests in the form of Multiplayer only content, including a new quest type that tasks you with surviving while enemies continuously spawn. They have nothing more to add at the moment but are committed to Comrades mode with more content promised in the future.

Character Switching

Character Switching is being added to the story mode, with each character bringing over a fighting style very close to their DLC episode variant. It was stated that if you want to complete the whole game as Prompto you could do, with only plot portions of character absence stopping you from playing as anyone you want at all times. This will be released before Episode Ignis (13/12/17) and is a very significant update to the game. Using the d-pad you can easily swap playable character at any time.

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