Pokémon Go players rewarded with 48 hours of region-exclusives

As a reward for catching over 3 billion Pokémon in the recent event, players are able to catch region-exclusive Pokémon for a few hours.

Following the Global Catch Challenge where the remaining few hundred core players of Pokémon Go had to catch as many Pokés as they could, the “reward” has now been announced… and it’s pretty pants.

For catching 3 billion (yes, 3,000,000,000) Pokémon during the 7-day event, players are now able to catch:

  • Farfetch’d anywhere in the world (previously Asia-exclusive)
  • Kanghastan can now be caught in East Asia (previously Australian-exclusive)

Don’t hang about for this exciting bonus(!) though, as you only have until midday on the 28th (only 48 hours in total) to catch these Pokémon in their new region.

Minor Tweaks

During this 48-hour window, players will also earn double XP, double stardust and placed lures will also last for 6 hours, which are all fairly common occurrences so shouldn’t be much cause for celebration.

Players are also able to pick up some limited-time packs from the in-game store, which might be a bonus for some.

As well as the Global Catch Challenge event, a small change has let players wear the new Alola fashion items inspired by the new Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon titles which recently launched on 3DS.

Pokémon Go players rewarded

Cheeky offering

These pathetic bonuses for players have been issued shortly after the news broke that Niantic are working on the new Harry Potter tie-in, Wizards Unite.

Pokémon trainers may feel slightly short-changed through this event, which does not appear to be especially rewarding for dedicated players who have seen the game through its recent ups and downs.

Niantic have insisted that they continue to support the game, in spite of many key features still not being included and the recent atrocious live events which were hastily refunded.


What do you think of the rewards for this recent challenge?

Are you still playing Pokémon Go?

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