worst video game spin offs

LLC Podcast Episode 28: Sizzling Spin Offs

In this episode we realise that pretty much everything is a spin off at some point.

Bryony, Craig, Oliver and of course Gary take a trip through some well known and obscure video game spin offs in Episode 28. This episode we touch on Warioware, a lot of Pokemon spin-offs and some random old oddities. There is of course a quiz and favourites as well.

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Time Stamps

0:01:15 – Hyrule Warriors

0:06:00 – Warriors (Musou) Games

0:09:30 – Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

0:14:45 – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

0:19:00 – Pokemon Snap

0:26:15 – Pokemon Stadium

0:33:30 – Pokemon Coliseum

0:34:45 – Pokemon Channel

0:36:00 – Pokken

0:41:45 – Warioware Series

0:49:45 – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

0:58:00 – Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

1:00:00 – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

1:03:30 – Arthur to Asteroth no Mazo Makamurai: Incredible Toons

1:05:45 – Quiz

1:13:00 – Favourites

1:19:00 – Outro

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