Black Friday 2017 gaming deals

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals

In case you missed it, either by hiding under a rock on Mars or through disconnecting from all media for the past two weeks, it’s Black Friday! Here’s a bunch of good Black Friday 2017 gaming deals.

Steamy Bargains

Steam are obviously going to blitz with PC game deals, but this year the hardware is also getting some serious discounts.

The Steam Link, which allows you to wirelessly connect a TV to your to PC and play games in another room in your house, is usually £40 but is currently on offer for £3.99.

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals on Steam

Google Play deals

The latest Layton adventure – Layton’s Mystery Journey – is reduced as part of the Black Friday/Cyber Week sale on Google Play down to £5.49.

Along with Layton, you can get Farming Simulator 16, Ticket to Ride, Mini Metro, Framed, Geometry Wars 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and loads of other games for up to 80% off!

Layton is my big recommendation, mainly because it’s usual price is £17.99 which feels uncomfortably high for a mobile title (even though it sounds like it’s worth it).

This offer is only available for Android users, as iOS gamers apparently don’t deserve the reduction.

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals on Google Play

Alexa, remind me on Monday

Obviously Amazon has a wealth of crap you can buy but the current console deals seem quite Xbox-heavy, although there’s probably more coming on Cyber Monday so sit tight for more goodies, including a reported 60% off some big games and 50% off Switch accessories.

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals on Amazon

Game for a deal

Game also have a bunch of bargains for gamers (surprisingly), with bundles for Xbox One S and Xbox One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro, and the Nintendo Switch.

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals at Game

Humbled by the discounts

The Humble Store have offered sales all this week but some of these are still worth mentioning. Destiny 2, Wolfenstein 2, Middle Earth: Shadow of War all proving popular with some games going for 50-60% cheaper than normal!

If you’re really craving a bargain, take a look at the full list of games on sale, which includes a bunch of smaller titles for 94% off! The Humble Fall Sale is ending on the 28th November so make sure you check by Tuesday!

Black Friday 2017 gaming deals on Humble

Argos too?

Finally magical retail dispensary/factory outlet Argos also chucked a couple of goodies for gamers, including GT Sport on PS4 for half price – which LLC legend Oliver was able to pick up today.

Final Roundup

Of course the main console stores will also have some bargains on offer, so check out:


Let us know in the comments below if you found any other deals we should know about!

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