CoD WWII Weapon Crates

CoD WWII Weapon Crates revealed in Datamine (proper cash grabbing ghoul cunts tbh)

Try and do your best shocked face.

As if the now landmark Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy wasn’t enough for one year (or even one quarter of a year), Activision have thrown their helmet in to the ring with CoD WWII Weapon Crates.

While it is pretty clear that both halves of Activision Blizzard have no problem with Loot Crates in their games, they probably could have picked a better time for this to come to light. Well, maybe not, seeing as though it was a datamine. I have no idea why the hell someone would datamine Call of Duty, but here we are.

Weapon Crates are a form of Loot Box that give you actual weaponry to use in the game. Usually you can get things like cosmetics in these boxes which don’t effect game balance, but sometimes publishers like to throw in this more volatile version as well. This opens the door to people dropping real cash on in-game weaponry and therefore an in-game advantage. In a game as precisely balanced as Call of Duty you can see why this would be a problem.

CoD WWII Weapon Crate
Weapon Crate Probably

This isn’t really new news with almost all the recent CoD games having Weapon Crates (including some being added retroactively, clever pigs), but the timing of this is pretty bad. The Loot Crate controversy is about to hit peak insanity with actual politicians (although none anybody cares about) speaking on the matter.

There is a big update due in the next couple of weeks which should unlock some of the currently locked features, including these crates.

I’ve actually be playing Call of Duty: World War II. I’ve beaten the first stage and played a bit online. It isn’t the return to form I was hoping but it is ¬†pretty inoffensive. It suffers with the same thing which stopped me playing the series back with the release of MW1, it is very hand-holdy. The multiplayer is insanely fully featured but it’s very shallow.

I should think if you were already going to drop ¬£45 on Cod: WWII don’t let this stop you (as if you would).



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