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Minecraft new mob confirmed but major updates delayed

As part of MineCon Earth this week, fans have been able to vote on a new mob in the game… and the results are in!

Democracy at work

Following an online voting process, where fans were actually asked to vote for their choice of Mob A, Mob B, Mob C and Mob D (ingenious names).

While some fans read that and probably voted at random, the mobs were actually described in follow-up tweets, with a rough illustration of each mob to give players a flavour:

After eliminating Mob A, and then Mob D for not having enough votes (which is a shame ’cause Mob A looks pretty badass), then fans were left with the final decision:

The results were confirmed over the weekend, with Mob B being described as “The Monster of the Night Skies” and looks like a flying manta ray:

Well that’s all nice and exciting, so we look forward to reading more about this flying abomination in future updates.


The Life Aquatic

As part of the MineCon announcements, we learned of an upcoming update to the game called The Aquatic Update which should add tons of new content into the game – including coral, kelp, more fish, dolphins, explorable shipwrecks and also “new water physics”. The last addition confuses me, as you’d have to totally re-write everything about how water works in the ga…. yeah, that’s probably going to happen, isn’t it? Anyone who has contraptions built around the (admittedly janky) water physics in the game – particularly item transporters – may want to keep an eye on those developments.

The new weapon mentioned in the update – The Trident – can apparently be used at close range and also from a distance, using the new Loyalty enchantment to return to the player. Can this enchantment be applied to other weapons and items? What are the Impaler and Slipstream Dash enchantments all about? These questions and more will be answered at a later date.

For now, just drool over the possibility of being a proper underwater explorer in the game (pirate roleplay time FTW!).


 Minecraft new mob confirmed aquatic teaser

Too Super Duper To Handle

Sadly all the good news and excitement coming out of MineCon Earth had to end somewhere, and today we got confirmation that the Super Duper Graphics Pack update is being delayed until 2018. The update, which was intended to release on Xbox and PC to offer 4k HDR graphics and plenty of bells and whistles. Sadly, the amount of work involved has pushed this update back until next year, but we’re still looking forward to loading up our old words in jaw-dropping 4k HDR, and I’m happy to wait another few months for that experience.

Separately, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will not be brought into the Better Together update until next year. The update – announced earlier this summer – was due to bring together the various different editions of the game into one cross-platform version called “Minecraft”. Unfortunately, Switch gamers will have to make do with “Minecraft for Switch” for the foreseeable future.


What do you think of the MineCon Earth announcements?

Excited by the new mob and aquatic update?

Or just bummed at the delays to Super Duper and Better Together?


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