ARMS Update 4.0

ARMS Update 4.0 drops today with a new character and stage.

If you own a Switch and haven’t checked out ARMS yet you totally should, and there is no better time to jump in than with the ARMS Update 4.0.

Today marks the drop of Update 4.0 with Nintendo throwing in a new stage and character for absolutely no money. No loot crates, no microtransactions, no na-da.

The new character is Aztec themed Misango, a fighter with this little mask buddy that he can wear and gain different abilities. He brings with him three ARMS (his defaults) that are available for other characters to use as well. The new stage has giant fist statues you can lob your mates through otherwise it looks to be just a generic round arena.

The music as always, absolutely bangs and deserves a special mention. Along with this update is a general balancing patch but the details of which haven’t been picked apart by the community yet, but once they have you will find them over at the ARMS Subreddit. Check out the trailer below, then keep scrolling for a bit more info on ARMS.

ARMS is a predominately 1 v 1 fighter on the Nintendo Switch. While the game doesn’t get a lot of hate per say, I do feel like it is super underrated. The “1 v 1 fighting game” aspect puts a lot of people off but it is actually a very straight forward yet strategic game. There are no complex combos, no special inputs or secret moves. The fights stick to a very simple rock, paper, scissors structure so as long as you can press both triggers together, press one trigger or hold a button you can do all the moves available for combat.

There are dashes, jumps and charging but the most complex of the three (charging) just requires you to hold any one of the buttons you are already using. It is genius. The controls can be entirely customised too so the annoying motion stuff is out.

The online mode is very similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (including local co-op players going online), you are stuck in a room with 7 other players and you just roll through party and vs modes, it is brill.

On top of all this the music totally bangs, the graphics are polished and its just an all round good game. It might take 10 minutes to get the hang of it but its totally worth your time.

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