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Big reveal on first Destiny 2 DLC

Bungie are dropping all the details about the upcoming DLC – Curse of Osiris – and you can find out all about it below.

The new DLC will drop on 5 December 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This will be the first of two announced expansion packs which are included with the Destiny 2 season pass.

Bungie are planning a series of live streams to give all the information about the various parts of this content drop, as announced in this Youtube video below:

New Stories To Tell

The first livestream, called “New Stories To Tell”, is expected to cover the enemies and locations you will experience in the DLC. The stream will take place on Twitch today at 7pm GMT (any minute now!) – and you can tune in via the link below:

This livestream should give players a few more details about the new zone – Mercury’s Infinite Forest – along with a new social space and main story. The debut trailer describes Osiris himself as the mentor of Ikora (the narrator):

The events taking place on Mercury – where an ancient Vex portal has unleashed machines from past and future to remake the universe in their image – were foretold by Osiris, however it is still unclear whether his return will help stop this new menace, or whether he will cause more devastation.

More live action

The remaining livestream events will take place on 21st November, and then on the 29th November, with more details on the activities, new gear and Crucible content. This should build nicely to the DLC release one week later, and provide players with plenty of information ready to jump into the action in early December.

Aside from the new content, Curse of Osiris will increase the level cap, and part of the update will also offer enhancements for Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro consoles.

In other Destiny 2 news, big changes to the timing of the weekly reset and Guided Games feature were announced, which you can read about on the Bungie blog.

Are you excited about the new expansion?

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