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Nintendo wins the hearts and minds of third parties

2017 has been a bumper year for the Switch, boosted primarily by tremendous first-party support from Nintendo. However, with many of their key franchises having been catered for this year, the Switch is likely to need significant support from third-party developers in 2018 to keep the momentum going.

Thus far the console has succeeded in luring back developers burned by the failure of the Wii U – but stories like FIFA ’18 making just 1% of its sales on the Switch suggest that there is still a certain degree of uncertainty about whether the console can truly hold its own with multi-platform releases.

Nonetheless, in the last week, several developers have pledged continued support for the Switch.

switch third party

Capcom have only published two titles on the Switch so far: Monster Hunter XX (which hasn’t been released outside of Japan) and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. In its latest financial report, the company is enthusiastic about the performance of both games – considering the latter to be a “smash hit”. Resident Evil Revelations Collection (the first and second game) are coming to Switch on the 28th of November.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that they were ‘surprised’ by the quick success of theĀ Switch and they plan to increase resources for the development of future titles. The company has also confirmed that all their properties could potentially appear on the Switch in the future.

switch third party

Impressively, Switch titles accounted for 19% of Ubisoft‘s sales this year, with Mario + Rabbids being their best performing title. The PlayStation 4 remains Ubisoft‘s lead format (31%) but the Xbox One managed just 20% – considering the age of the Switch by comparison, it’s likely that Nintendo will comfortably take second place next year.

Elsewhere, Square Enix identified the Switch as ideal for mid-range titles, similar to those they’ve been releasing for the 3DS. As only Square Enix could, the company has promised to work ‘aggressively’ on more titles and won’t rule out any of its IPs for the platform, including “new ones, currently active ones, currently not-active ones” – which category Kingdom Hearts falls into at this point is anybody’s guess .

switch third party

EA is a little more hesitant though, wanting to wait until the console has been on the market for a whole year before pledging further support – even if FIFA was always likely to struggle against the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nonetheless, this is all good news for the Switch heading into 2018 and Nintendo will no doubt be delighted that the Wii U calamity has been so quickly forgotten. For now, anyway.

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